10 best yoga accessories

Whether you’re an old hand at yoga or new to the exercise, this kit will help to perfect your poses

Whether you practice yoga for spirituality or stretchiness, it has the advantage of being an exercise you can practice almost anywhere, with minimal outlay.

Experienced yogis only need a quiet location and the feeling of the ground beneath their feet to begin their spiritual journey. For us lesser beings though, a couple of accessories could help us on the path to zen. Namaste.

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If your downward dog tends to droop as the hot yoga class hots up, the Yogamatters Get a Grip towel will change your life. Plus you’ll never have to worry who last used that borrowed yoga mat again. A bargain at £24.

1. Liforme yoga mat, £100

2. H&M yoga top, £14.99

3. Yogamatters Get a Grip towel with Dots, £24

4. Nike pro shorts, £23

5. Lululemon Om for All Yoga Bag, £108

6. Sweaty Betty Carya ¾ Yoga Pants, £60

7. Roxy Embrace Bra, £35

8. HPE Skinny Compression Leggings, £70

9. LIJA Daydream Draped Jacket, £65

10. Chilly’s bottles, £18.99


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