10 best sledges

Get prepared for snow day with our pick of the best sledges that will have you whooshing down those slopes in no time

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… because we’ve found the best sledges around for all the family to enjoy. Leave granny’s tea tray at home and go for something altogether more fun instead. It’s all downhill from here.

1. Extreme Freestyler Snow Scooter: £20, cotswoldoutdoor.com



Our older tester kids made a beeline for this cool piece of kit, but it wasn’t quite tall or sturdy enough for most of the adults. Takes a bit of getting used to, but great fun for wannabe snowboarders. The handle is hinged, so it packs flat for ease of transport.

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2. Dragon Glide Sledge: £69.99, gooutdoors.co.uk



Mean and green, this is such great fun. A sledge with a steering wheel? You’re king of the hill! Steer the front ski for pretty accurate direction – those days of ‘push off and hope for the best’ are gone. The only down side is the tricky assembly when it’s first delivered.

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3. Boyz Toys Warp Speed Slider: £99.99, gooutdoors.co.uk



You’ve got to be brave to master this one. Basically, run for it, throw yourself down chest first on the mesh platform and hurtle down the hill with your face about a foot off the snow, clinging to the moulded handles for dear life. It’s thrilling, fast and you really should wear a helmet.

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4. Hot Sheet Sledge: £8.99, surfdome.com



Toddlers can start on this simple slider. Like a modern-day tea tray, it’s a lot of laughs for £8.99. Lightweight and easy to carry, you have to be pretty slight to get up a speed – up to 60kg, according to the manufacturer. Stand down, parents, this one’s for the kids.

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5. Swordfish Sledge: £9, plasticboxshop.co.uk


3 Swordfish.JPG

This basic, moulded sledge has a rope pull-tie, a raised seat and foot ridges at the front to help steel yourself as you hurtle downhill. Nothing fancy, but functional. The main advantage versus some of the showier sledges is that it’s not too heavy on the trudge back up again.

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6. Snow Groover Penguin Sledge: £24.99, johnlewis.com


John Lewis Snow Groover Penguin Sledge.jpg

It seems that the store which made us fall in love with a penguin, now wants us to pile on top of him and drag him through the slush. This is great for children as it’s made from sturdy foam rather than plastic so it’s really easy to lug around. Sorry, Monty.

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7. Hamax Lillehammer Maxi: £99.01, snowandrock.com


Lillehammer Sledge.jpg

This gorgeous sledge could become a family heirloom. Well-constructed and with a clever, foldable seat, it won’t take up too much room in the car. Perfect for a two-person slide, which is handy if you might like a hand getting it back to the top of your hill.

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8. Wham-O Snow Boogie Air Disc: £15.99, amazon.co.uk


Wham-O Snow Boogie Air Disc_1.jpg

This foam, go-faster striped disc has a ‘slick skin bottom’ which aids supersonic speeds and probable vertigo. Great for when there is only a fine sprinkling of snow as there’s a bit of padding there to smooth over bumpy ground.

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9. Baby Owl: £29.99, snowandrock.com


Hamax owl Sledge.jpg

Toddlers will love this safe and secure little sledge for gentle slopes. A low centre of gravity means they won’t topple and they’re strapped into a padded seat securely. There’s a long leash for parents to control movement or pull Junior home in the snow. 

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10. S Oliver Zibob 41: £22.99, sportsdirect.com



Yes, it looks a bit otherworldly, but the Zibob carves corners well and gathers quite a pace. Slowing down is a cinch – just lean back and pull on the handle. Suits all ages and weights up to 110 kg. A cult favourite on ski-slopes everywhere – check out some of the races on YouTube.

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Verdict: Sledges spend most of their lives languishing in the garage, so for our money, something sturdy like the Lillehammer wooden sledge is perfect as it’ll probably be around for your grandkids too. (For info, hipsters have been known to use them as coffee tables in warmer months.) For cheap thrills and spills, though, it’s the Zibob every time. Whoosh!

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