Christmas 2014: 11 best electronic toys

From robotic puppies to the latest Nintendo, these are the toys that are sure to make it onto letters to Santa this year

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Advancements in electronic toys through the decades have continued to amaze children and adults alike. Indeed, just when you think they’ve reached their limits, toy manufacturers come up with something even more extraordinary. Here's 11 of the best of the latest innovations worth picking up this Christmas.

1. Toot-Toot Animals Safari Park: £29.07,


Toot-Toot Animals Safari Park.jpg

Including two fun modes of play, three animal press buttons and sing-along songs, this interactive play set also features a lift-up launcher and a turning giraffe gate to create different track routes for the animals. In addition, there’s a press and spin alligator pool and a resting meadow. Electronic rhino included.

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2. Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa: £34.99,


Disney Frozen.jpg

With a touch of Elsa’s magical snowflake necklace, she says one of 15 phrases from the Frozen movie and her dress lights up. And if you raise her arm, the snowflake necklace lights up and she sings "Let it Go" as her dress magically shines. Kids will love this enchanting 14 inch doll.

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3. WowWee MiP Robot: £79.99,



Equipped with its own attachable tray, this revolutionary robot can carry the weight of its own body, which is roughly the same as a can of drink — pretty handy if you're looking for a loyal butler. There are seven unique and exciting game modes and you can download an app to unlock even more features to play.

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4. LeapFrog LeapTV: £82.99,



With this educational video gaming system, aimed at children aged three to eight, kids will learn through motion as they jump, dance and more. The library of over 100 LeapFrog educator-approved games and videos teaches reading, mathematics, science and creativity.

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5. Xeno: £57.99,



Xeno has over 10 emotions — happy, sad, playful, hungry, unwell — and over 50 eye expressions and 80 tailor-made sounds; the idea is that your child can truly understand him. Xeno is also really ticklish, dances to music and occasionally lets out a little burp. He can also play five games with you and he talks to his Xeno friends.

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6. Nintendo 2DS Transparent: £89.99,



Available in red or blue, this is the latest Nintendo portable gaming system, featuring a dual screen and touch screen, as well as advanced graphics, online and local communication functions. There’s some great new games too, including Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip & Kipper, Tomodachi Life and Fantasy Life.

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7. Peppa Pig Fun Phonics: £21.99,


Peppa Pig Phonics.jpg

This teaching unit teaches phonics using visual and auditory stimuli to encourage your child’s learning. There are eight fun activities including letter names, letter sounds, spelling observation and memory. They’ll love the Peppa Pig theme and carry handle, too.

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8. Glowing House Set: £19.99,



Aimed at children aged 12 and over, this electronics kit lets you build and decorate two houses, plus clouds and trees, made from card. Using the incredible Electric Paint, draw a circuit and attach electronic components and, as dusk falls, watch the house glow.

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9. Flutterbye Deluxe Light-Up Fairy: £29.99,



Press the button on her decorative base and this fairy will magically lift off into fairy flight. Guide her movement as she floats just inches over the palm of your hand. If you raise your hand gently, she will fly higher; lower your hand and she will follow your lead.

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10. Zooma: £59.99,



This toy is astonishing to watch and a great compromise for littluns who want a pet when parents are reluctant. Teach him to speak, sit, lay down, roll over, shake a paw and more. He responds to touch and voice-activated commands with life-like expressions.

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11. LeapBand: £29.99,



LeapBand is the only activity tracker made for kids and is aimed at encouraging active play and healthy habits, with 50 fun challenges. Kids can earn points by being active, caring for a pet pal (there are eight to choose from) and completing tasks such as “Spin like a helicopter.”

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The best recent innovations, as you’ll see from this list, include robotic toys, with some exceptional electronic pets or friends for children now available. Our personal favourites include Zooma and MiP, which can’t fail to amaze you in their sophistication and capabilities.


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