The 50 Best Camping Essentials - Gadgets

Whether it’s a rock festival or a faraway field, Simon Usborne finds the tents, togs and tackle for your outdoor adventure
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Super Solar Shower

“Avoid queuing for showers at busy campsites and festivals by bringing your own, environmentally friendly one,” say Jonathan and Sophie. “Taking up very little room in a backpack, the Super Solar Shower has a surprisingly large capacity of 20 litres, and takes less than three hours to warm in the sun’s rays, allowing campers to freshen up in no time after a long country walk. It’s also the perfect accessory for those wild camping trips, getting back to nature and her lack of modern facilities.”

Where: Argos (0845 640 2020;

How much: £7.79

Inflatable Banana Carrier

“This silly but smart contraption will stop problematic fruit spreading banana soup over everything in your rucksack,” Rob says. “Yes, travelling with bananas is a thing of the future, and a frustration of the past. I say ‘bananas not guns’.” The banana carrier includes a keyring that will clip to a schoolbag, backpack, belt or even a bike.

Where: Blacks (0800 665410;

How much: £3.99

One Earth Wind-Up Phone Charger

“I don’t think this brilliant invention needs any explanation,” says Rob. “Not only can you charge your phone with absolutely no need for a power supply, you can also keep your forearms in shape by winding up your phone every time you lose your mate. A solar-powered alternative is available for the rich and lazy.”

Where: Millets (0800 389 5861;

How much: £6.49

Eurohike Glamping Head Torch

“The best place for a torch is on your head, keeping those hands free for setting up tents and making fire Ray Mears-style,” maintain Jonathan and Sophie. “If you’re accessorising with headwear, you may as well make it a glittering gold piece. Part of a range of matching bling accessories, this glam head torch is also great for relocating nondescript tents at festivals, and if you’re without your substantial fascinator, it may even get you into Ascot’s Royal Enclosure.”

Where: Millets (0800 389 5861;

How much: £14.99

Solar Fairy Lights

Rob says,“Yet another good reason for sunshine when you’re camping at an outdoor event, these lights will bring a little bit of the festival vibe right into your tent. All that’s needed is some direct light during the day, so you can use the lights at night. As a rule of thumb, I say you can never have enough fairy lights, but beware the moths.”

Where: Solar Centre (0845 094 1250;

How much: £29.99

Emergency Phone Charger

Jonathan and Sophie say, “A must-have for any trip to the great outdoors, this handy little gadget gives your mobile two extra hours of juice. Simply insert a standard AA battery, connect the charger to your phone and stop worrying about whether that precious final bar of battery will last long enough for you to steer clear of the charger scrums at festivals. For those that will happily go incommunicado, but can’t do without music, it also charges iPods.”

Where: iWant One of Those (0844 573 7070;

How much: £6.95


"Wasps hunt by sight and fiercely defend their territory," Clive says. “But wasps approaching the Waspinator are fooled into thinking it’s a rival nest so they scarper rather than risk a fight. It’s an environmentally friendly way of ridding yourself of the gardener’s friend and the camper’s nightmare without involving death – and it’s a real winner.”

Where: Waspinator (

How much: £9.99

Leatherman Skeletool CX

Move over Swiss Army, the US based Leatherman has cut away at the competition to become the must-have multitool for the discerning camper. Their latest model won’t uncork a bottle of plonk or unpick a horse’s hoof, but it does boast pliers, a screwdriver, bottle opener and seriously a sharp blade – all housed in an astonishingly hard-wearing stainless steel handle.

Where: Leatherman (01539 721032;

How much: £79.95

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