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Texan model/designer Erin Wasson discusses her clothing range on the YouTube channel of New York magazine 'Nylon'. Wasson says, "The people with the best style for me are the people who are the poorest. Like when I go down to Venice Beach and I see the homeless, I'm like, oh my God, they're pulling out crazy looks, they like, pull shit out of garbage cans." Awesome.

Cut The Chaser?

British distributors of 'The Chaser', the "moody Asian action thriller", have performed a feat of self-defeating publicity. Posters say "Soon to be remade by the team that brought you 'The Departed'." Is this meant to make us watch 'The Chaser', or wait until the rubbish Hollywood remake emerges? (see the poster here)

Biscuit beast

YouTube's latest animal cracker is a cookie-eating hamster, who consumes five biscuits in two minutes. Hamsters require a tablespoon of food per day, so letting him gorge on baked goods might be irresponsible. By the time he starts stuffing down biscuit five, it's hell.

It's the gPhone!

It's no surprise that leaked pictures of Google's G1, the search engine's answer to the iPhone, have surfaced online (see the pictures here) . Due to be formally announced today in New York with T-Mobile, the handset, dubbed the gPhone, looks set to feature all of the jiggery-pokery of Apple's alternative, including GPS and a touchscreen, but with a smarter operating system (Android) and a qwerty keyboard hidden under the screen. In the shops by Christmas for around £100.