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Beyond the Palin?

When Tina Fey played Sarah Palin on 'Saturday Night Live', the video become's most watched viral. Now Fey has reprised that role in a skit based on last week's vice-presidential debate. ( www.huffing /2008/10/ 04/tina-fey-as-sarah-palin-i_n_ 131964.html )

Carboniferous features a map simulating the real-time birth, death and CO2 emission rates for every country. It's fascinating and ominous – especially when you consider that about 5,000 tons of man-made CO2 have been produced since you started reading this. ( )

The Mad Hatter

Fans of Johnny Depp (pictured) and Tim Burton may have to wait a couple of years for the release of the 'Alice in Wonderland' film, but check out the leaked images at

Time to unzip

Diesel Jeans has created a porn video viral that's remarkably safe for work, thanks to some cunning animated additions. One character has a great time playing pinball, while another plays a spirited tune on her harmonica. Enjoy. ( )