The Life Browser: Wands at the ready

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The international trailer for next year's Harry Potter film, 'The Half-Blood Prince', has been premiered online at The exclusive clip contains brand-new footage from the sixth film in the Potter parade.

Perfect stranger

Who says romance is dead? Those fleeting encounters on the bus or Tube can now be rekindled using – a new website where users post details of the person they spotted, in the hope of finding them again.

The lost logos

Google's logo may look simple, but few know how long it took to develop. Ruth Kedar, the graphic designer who came up with the final logo, has unveiled an online gallery of the many designs she rejected.

American buoy

Wassup!? Those Budweiser ads from the early Noughties are making a politically inspired comeback in support of Obama. Turns out the guys have had a hard time under Bush and the only thing looking "up" is change.