Christmas Details solutions: All the answers to the competition run on 20 December 2009

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The most famous details in all of art are a smile (you know whose) and a couple of hands. One of those hands appeared in last month's Christmas Details. It was all hands, each extricated from a European painting. Number six was the really famous one. But not all of them were so easy to identify.

"What a stinker!" one contestant howled. Another said: "I only found number seven by a piece of extraordinary serendipity... I'd like to see more of these to really put us all to the test next year!"

It proved a tricky year. There were only about 50 fully correct entries (half of last year's yield). The obscurest hand was number seven: a severed hand, in fact, held in the hand of a Brazilian cannibal, in Albert van der Eeckhout's A Tapuya Woman. The second-hardest was eight, Philippe de Champaigne's St John the Baptist.

As usual, adjudication was generous. All kinds of variant titles and spellings were accepted. You didn't have to specify which version of the Ingres, of the Titian or even of the De La Tour. The names we give on this page are just the most common.

The correct entries were numbered, and the winners picked with a random number generator. The first selected was Galina Varese of Witney, who gets a case of champagne. The three runners-up – a bottle each – were Vanessa Magee of Belfast, Richard Forrest of London N1 and Louise Allen of Plymouth. Congratulations to all players. n Tom Lubbock

1. Antonello da Messina: 'The Virgin Annunciate', 1476. Palazzo Abatellis, Palermo

2. Orazio Gentileschi: 'Saints Cecilia, Valerianus and Tibertius', c1620. Brera, Milan

3. Leonardo: 'St John the Baptist', 1513-16. Louvre, Paris

4. Frans Hals: 'Regentesses of the Old Men's Almshouse', 1664. Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem

5. Picasso: 'Portrait of Gertrude Stein', 1906. Metropolitan Museum, New York

6. Michelangelo: 'Creation of Adam', 1510. Sistine Chapel, Vatican

7. Van der Eeckhout: 'A Tapuya Woman', 1641-3. National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen

8. Philippe de Champaigne: 'St John the Baptist', 1657. Musée de Grenoble

9. Vermeer: 'Woman Holding a Balance', 1664. National Gallery, Washington

10. De La Tour: 'The Cheat with the Ace of Clubs', c1630. Kimbell Art Museum, Texas

11. Nicolas Poussin: 'The Annunciation', 1657. National Gallery, London

12. JAD Ingres: 'Oedipus and the Sphinx', 1808. Louvre, Paris

13. Rembrandt, 'Lucretia', 1664. National Gallery, Washington

14. Goya: 'The Third of May 1808', 1814. Prado, Madrid

15. Titian: 'Tarquin and Lucretia', c1570. Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

16. John Everett Millais: 'Ophelia', 1851-2. Tate