Interiors quiz

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1. The Pensione Bertolini forms a major part of the setting for which 1908 novel, made into a film in 1985?

2. What breed of dog is the Dulux dog?

3. Lilian, Afshar and Qom are all types of what?

4. The patent for the first modern steamless coffee machine was applied for in September 1938. By whom?

5. Redeeming Features was the title of the autobiography, published in 2009, of which interior designer?

6. What item of furniture is also the name of a town in North Yorkshire?

7. "I feel like an old peeled wall." The words of Lady Wishfort in which restoration comedy, premiered in 1700?

8. In ancient Rome the central part of a house where guests were greeted was called what?

9. Which 1971 song, frequently voted one of the greatest rock songs of all time, was never released as a single because at 8 min 2 sec it was considered too long for radio-play?

10. Augustus Pugin and Sir Charles Barry (above) designed which historic London building?