Saturday travel quiz answers

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1. John Hanning Speke, after whom Liverpool Airport was named until it was renamed John Lennon International.

2. Tonga.

3. They walked on water, using specially constructed ski-like wooden shoes; Oldrieve walked along the Mississippi.

4. TE Lawrence, who is buried in Dorset; Wilde is buried in Paris; Chatwin was cremated in the south of France, and his ashes were buried in Greece; Auden is buried in Kirchstetten, the village in Austria where he lived.

5. Cape Canaveral, the Florida launch site for US space missions.

6. 'The Railway Children', when Bobbie's father returns to his family and she meets him off the train.

7. Trip organised by Thomas Cook.

8. Hawaii.

9. The Ritz.

10. The Frisian Islands, off the coasts of Holland, Germany and Denmark.