The Saturday Quiz

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1. Which is the biggest-selling English- language daily newspaper in the world?

2. Rachel Wardell, a housewife from Sleaford, Lincolnshire, was the first. Emma Burns, a medical photographer from Darlington, was the last. To do what?

3. In the early days of radio, football commentators identified the position of the ball with reference to a grid that listeners could look at in Radio Times. To what everyday expression is this thought to have given rise?

4. At which station did the train in the Great Train Robbery begin its journey, and what was its intended final destination?

5. It originated in Australia in 1868, thanks to one Maria Ann Smith. What?

6. In January 1958 the Belgian Victor Larock became the first person to hold what position? (There have been more than a hundred holders since.)

7. Who is the creative director of the luxury goods retailer Smythson?

8. Which tourist attraction has the web address

9. The oldest symphony orchestra in the world takes its name from the textile hall in which it is based. Which orchestra?

10. Where is the waterfront in On the Waterfront?