The Saturday quiz

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1. In 1898 a local doctor bought a spring in Vergèze in southern France and turned it into a commercial spa. How does his name live on?

2. "Aspects of working-class life with special reference to publications and entertainments" was the subtitle of which groundbreaking 1957 book?

3. What did Jack Swigert report on 14 April 1970?

4. Rain Man; Ocean's Eleven; The Hangover. What's the connection?

5. What is the literal translation of the Latin word "alibi"?

6. Who was the Political Editor of the Daily Mirror from 1989-1993?

7. At 64 years and 10 months, which UK monarch was the oldest on succeeding to the throne?

8. The Snurfer, of which about a million were sold between 1966 and 1976, was the first marketed what?

9. What type of stone was mostly used in the construction of the Egyptian Pyramids?

10. Name the three US states that comprise four letters.