The Saturday quiz

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1. Who presented a radio programme called The Perfumed Garden?

2. How did Jorge Larrionda gain notoriety recently?

3. Robin Cook's resignation speech in 2003 and House of Commons speaker Michael Martin's leaving speech in 2009 prompted rare instances of what?

4. The founder of which US art collection was an industrialist who survived an assassination attempt in 1892 and was described as both "America's most hated man" and "one of America's worst CEOs of all time"?

5. Which film director has used the Windsor typeface for the titles in most of his 70 or so films?

6. So-called "Russian Mountains", dating from the 18th century, were the forerunners of what popular outdoor attractions?

7. Shakespeare & Co is a bookshop in which city?

8. Which breed of dog is used as the logo for Hush Puppies?

9. In 1588, where did Queen Elizabeth I deliver a speech to troops charged with repelling the Spanish Armada?

10. Apicius is the title of the oldest surviving book of what?