The Saturday quiz

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1. In 1929, Emil Jannings, a Swiss-born German, pictured below, became the first person to win what award?

2. Which French novel is estimated to have sold 20,000 copies within its first month of publication in 1759?

3. Which two countries are separated by a large swathe of undeveloped swampland and forest called the Darien Gap?

4. London black taxis are all manufactured in which city?

5. Who was a noted recent recipient of a graffiti-style artwork by Ben Eine?

6. Max Brod (1884-1968) is remembered in large part for his friendship with which writer?

7. Buranda, Qumran and St George's Island were all fictional places in which celebrated TV sitcom?

8. Where did Tony Blair meet nine boys who had all been named after him?

9. What took place in Tombstone, Arizona on Wednesday 26 October 1881?

10. An incident in which the SS Politician ran aground off the Outer Hebrides in 1941 formed the basis of which book, later a film?