The Saturday quiz

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1. The String of Pearls, published in the mid-1840s, featured the first appearance by which fictional murderer?

2. Which 19th-century poet first called Oxford "the city of the dreaming spires"?

3. The asteroid 2001 DA42 is named in honour of which writer?

4. Marie Curie (below) and Linus Pauling are the only two people to have achieved what distinction?

5. Which London landmark was designed by William Railton in 1838, 33 years after the death of the person it commemorates?

6. Along with £30,000, a bronze figurine called "The Bessie" is awarded to the winner of which literary prize?

7. What word meaning unreasoning partisanship comes from the name of a French soldier fanatically devoted to Napoleon?

8. What is regarded as the first economic speculative bubble, occurred in Holland in the 17th century, and centred on which product?

9. Which group of people was famous for meeting at 59 West 44th St, New York?

10. Time magazine's 1999 list of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century included one figure from the world of fashion. Who was?