The Saturday quiz

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1. The government of which country recently opened accounts with Twitter and YouTube?

2. In Australia, 18 August is Long Tan Day, commemorating a battle fought by the country's soldiers. In which war?

3. In grand old houses, what was kept in a buttery?

4. A proposed new law in California threatens to jail for a year anyone who does what?

5. William Corder (below) murdered his lover in Suffolk in 1827, inspiring several plays and films. Her name? And where did he bury her body?

6. Researchers at Edinburgh Napier University have developed a method of producing biofuel from the waste products of which process?

7. What did the Greenwood, Archer and Pine St Band change their name to before becoming the best-known funk group of the 1980s?

8. In a Waterstone's survey of MPs, whose memoirs top this summer's holiday reading list?

9. On the World Conservation Union's endangered species scale, one below "EX", or "extinct", is "EW". What does "EW" stand for?

10. Which Shakespearean character's name translates from the Gaelic as "son of life"?