The Saturday quiz

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1. In 1957 what slogan did Labour come up with in response to the Tories' Never Had It So Good?

2. 25 October is the date of two of the most famous engagements in military history – one in the 15th century and one in the 19th. What are they?

3. Quartz, incense and Congreve. All types of what?

4. How has Dwight D Eisenhower's grandson David left his mark on American political life?

5. What type of vehicle's name is Greek for "pertaining to all the arts or crafts"?

6. What accessory was designed and manu-factured by JG Beard at

his leather shop in Westminster in the late 19th century?

7. Joe Strummer, Dixie Dean and John Betjeman are among those who have had what named after them?

8. In the early 19th century who produced a Family Shakespeare, omitting or altering passages he felt unsuitable for the ears of his wife and children?

9. Which TV station's name translates as "The Island"?

10. How did the pop group Abba get its name?