The Saturday quiz

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1. The Balasco, the Booth, the Cort and the Shubert. All what?

2. In a recent survey of the 500 most commonly used words in the English language, what was the highest placed word that had more than one syllable?

3. Why was 8 , the 1963 film directed by Federico Fellini, so called?

4. Hyde Park in London, a junction to the north-east of the Old Market Square in Nottingham, Splash Point in Worthing, and the Domain in Sydney. All the sites of what?

5. Which 20th-century poet took the view that "life is first boredom, then fear"?

6. What campaign slogan – intended to highlight the virtues of the new prime minister – was launched by the Labour Party in the autumn of 2007 in anticipation of a snap election?

7. The Lambert family (2001) and the Berglund family (2010). What, fictionally speaking?

8. What is the upper age limit for artists who can be considered for the Turner Prize?

9. Which three EU countries have a greater population density than the UK?

10. In the late 1820s Dr Robert Knox, based in Edinburgh, was the controversial purchaser of what?