The Saturday quiz

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1. In the 1930s, Chaudhary Rahmat Ali came up with the name of which country?

2. Which comedian is to play Freddie Mercury (right) in a new film about Queen?

3. Christopher Marlowe, WS Gilbert, and David Mamet all created works based on what legend?

4. According to figures dating from 2008, which of western Europe's countries has the longest railway network?

5. Glenda Jackson in Sunday Bloody Sunday; Jeanne Moreau in Jules et Jim; Katharine Ross in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. What's the connection?

6. Which fashion designer is credited with creating the original "little black dress"?

7. In the 19th century what kind of product was macassar?

8. During the American Civil War the first flag of the Confederacy was called what?

9. Which world leader is known to his Twitter followers as HHDL?

10. On 24 June, 2007 Bon Jovi became the first act to perform where?