The Saturday quiz

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1. This nightclub, opened in Zurich in 1916, was pivotal to the Dadaist movement; some 60 years later its name was adopted by a British pop group. Which club?

2. Which museum has the largest collection of paintings in the world?

3. The Charles Wollaston Award is the prize for "the most distinguished work" at which annual art show?

4. George Dyer was the partner – and inspiration for much of the work – of which 20th-century painter?

5. It dates from 1962 and simply comprises the word ART, writ large, on a yellow background. Whose work?

6. This style of painting is characterised by complex perspective and lurid colours. It developed in Italy in the 16th century, and its exponents included Benvenuto Cellini and El Greco. Which style?

7. Graham Sutherland, John Bridgeman, John Piper and John Hutton. All involved in which post-war project?

8. Jose Ferrer played this 19th-century artist on film in 1952. John Leguizamo played him in 2001. The films had the same titles, other than that the latter included an exclamation mark. Which artist?

9. Raymond Briggs, Antony Gormley, Paula Rego and Rachel Whiteread are all alumni of which London college of art?

10. Oslofjord, a bay in the south-east of Norway, forms the background to which painting?