The Saturday quiz

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1. Who had 273 short stories published in the New Yorker between 1927 and 1961?

2. What was annexed by Britain in 1955 to prevent the Soviet Union spying on missile tests, becoming part of Inverness-shire in 1972?

3. Comity, the principle that courts in one country mustn't undermine decisions made by a court in another country, was recently invoked in what high-profile transaction?

4. Mary Anning collected and sold fossils from Lyme Regis's Jurassic coast. She was immortalised in which popular rhyme in 1908?

5. Lenny Henry: what's "Lenny" short for?

6. Two stage productions: the first opened in London in January 1728; the second, an adaptation of the first, opened in Berlin in August 1928. What were they?

7. What's the official name used by the US government for the war in Afghanistan?

8. Which pioneer of physical fitness was born in 1883, moved to England in 1912, taught self-defence at Scotland Yard, was interned on the Isle of Man as an enemy alien during WW1 before moving to America where his devotees included George Balanchine and Martha Graham?

9. In 1930, Harry Craddock published what recipe book?

10. Who was honoured this month "for his cartography of structures of power and his trenchant images of the individual's resistance, revolt and defeat"?