The Saturday quiz

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1. What, on a wine bottle, is known as a punt?

2. Which tart is named after the French sisters who, in the 1890s, created it by accident when they allowed the butter to burn?

3. "As I was going over the Cork and Kerry mountains\ I saw Captain Farrell and the money he was counting." Opening lines to which drink-themed 1970s pop hit?

4. Truman Capote, William Burroughs (right), Judith Kerr. What's the connection?

5. The Moon Under Water was which 20th-century writer's imaginary perfect pub?

6. When, in 2009, Walkers invited crisp-lovers to come up with a new flavour, which flavour came top?

7. Which sugar baron's name looms large on London's cultural landscape?

8. The shell of which seafood has associations with St James?

9. Which politician recently revealed that he had worked out on a calculator that he had drunk enough tea to float the QE2?

10. Which of the Hormel Foods Corporation's products gained notoriety as a result of a celebrated 1971 comedy sketch?