The Saturday quiz

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1. The Dewey Decimal System is used to classify what?

2. Which Act, passed in August 1914, gave the government power to requisition buildings or land for the war effort?

3.In which major 20th-century play does the Birling family receive a visit from Inspector Goole?

4. A woman was made Time Magazine Person of the Year for the first time in 1936. She has since been played on film by, among other actresses, Faye Dunaway, Jane Seymour, Joely Richardson, and Gillian Anderson. Who was she?

5. Graphic designer Jamie Reid is best known for the artwork he produced for which 1970s band?

6. Eel Pie and St Louis. What's the connection?

7. The Lincoln Futura was adapted to turn it into a car that found fame in a 1960s TV series? Which car?

8. What did 99 strangers who were invited to lunch at Buckingham Palace in 2006 have in common?

9. "Guns aren't lawful; nooses give; gas smells awful...". How did Dorothy Parker (right) conclude?

10. The Bund is an area of which major Far East city?