The Saturday quiz

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1. A thousand years ago, which was the second-largest city in England after London?

2. Which series of 18th-century paintings – eight in all – has been described by filmmakers as the ancestor of the storyboard?

3. He entered the arena in a carriage pulled by a group of women. She was in a red velvet litter carried by college football players. Which 1973 sporting showdown?

4. Who was the first Spice Girl to become a mother, and who was the last?

5. Winston Churchill (right) and Mother Teresa are the only two people to have been accorded what honour while they were still alive?

6. What are the six "Mr" colours in Reservoir Dogs?

7. Which major 19th-century figure married a woman called Jenny and had three daughters with her who were also all called Jenny?

8. White Egrets recently won which prize?

9. UK and US patents are granted for up to how many years?

10. The opera that inaugurated La Scala in 1778 was not performed again until 2004. Who was the composer?