The Saturday quiz

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1. In 2004 the so-called "Wonga coup" was an attempt to overthrow the government of which country?

2. Which 1974 novel sold 5 million copies worldwide after being rejected – so says the Guinness Book of Records – by 121 publishers?

3. Mozart, Ingmar Bergman (right), Buddy Holly and Patrick Marber are among those to have created works based on the legend of whom?

4. Which term – used to describe a group of unofficial advisers to whom a political leader turns – was first applied to the US presidency of Andrew Jackson?

5. Which former footballer, who won 30 caps for England between 1994 and 2001, was injured so often that he acquired the nickname "Sicknote"?

6. Since European Capitals of Culture began in 1985, two British cities have held the title. Which two?

7. Which rock star has the inscription kata ton daimona eaytoy (Greek for "true to his own spirit") on his headstone?

8. Jeremy Usborne and Mark Corrigan are the main characters in which TV series?

9. Balloon Dog (Red) is the much-copied work of which artist?

10. The journey was made in 1952, and one of the two men on it was Alberto Granado. Who was the other?