The Saturday quiz

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1. In 1998, what was placed on the Angel of the North and remained there for 20 minutes until the police removed it?

2. Tatler, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Talk, Newsweek. What's the connection?

3. "Only keep things that you consider beautiful or useful" was the belief of which 19th-century critic and social reformer?

4. Who got sacked from Two and a Half Men?

5. The Secret Policeman's Balls, starting in the mid-1970s, were events that raised money for which organisation?

6. The Strait of Georgia separates which island from which mainland?

7. "Eat fresh" is whose slogan?

8. Leo G Carroll (6); Cary Grant (4); James Stewart (4); Ingrid Bergman (3); Grace Kelly, pictured right (3). What?

9. Which sportsman is known as KP?

10. What was Bangladesh called from 1955 to 1971?