The Saturday quiz

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1. Which early-20th-century Appalachian word roughly the equivalent of "thingamajig" is now most commonly used to refer to a folk-music party?

2. The Golden Gallery, the Stone Gallery, and which other gallery?

3. With 29 in 45 years, which TV programme has had the most cover stories in Radio Times?

4. In February 1678, the first part of an allegory was published, written while its author was serving a prison sentence in Bedford Jail for unauthorised preaching. What was it?

5. What was formed in Glasgow in 1888 by a monk called Brother Walfrid to raise funds for the city's impoverished Catholic community?

6. This fictional character made his first appearance in 1922 and his last, at the same age, in 1964, when he received a Beatles LP as a Christmas present. Who?

7. Which celebrated gang in the American Wild West took its name from a pass in Johnson County, Wyoming?

8. Montreal, 15 March 1964; Botswana, 10 October 1975. Who, nuptially speaking?

9. How did George Bernard Shaw suggest the word "ghoti" might be pronounced?

10. Which surrealist artist's obsession with chess so distressed his wife that she glued his pieces to the board?