The Saturday quiz

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1. What was broadcast from the Villa Louvigny?

2. In what field of physical endeavour do Alain Robert's achievements lie?

3. In April 1985, then at the height of their fame, which became the first Western pop act to perform in China?

4. The UK's leading military academy is at Sandhurst. Where is America's?

5. Former mobster Henry Hill (right) was immortalised in which successful 1990 film?

6. Born in 1924, she was one of the pioneers of designer jeans, her name being embossed on the back pocket along with her swan logo. Which designer?

7. Which movement gained ground in post-Second World War France as a tax protest by shopkeepers and came to be associated with anti-establishment ideology in general?

8. Who is marrying Justine Thornton?

9. Written by Carlo Collodi in 1883, this book is estimated to have been translated into more languages than any book other than the Bible. Which book?

10. Carrauntoohil is the highest point in which country?