The Saturday quiz

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1. In 1922, which home of a current Premiership club played host to the last FA Cup final before the match moved to Wembley stadium?

2. The personification of America that is Uncle Sam has a female counterpart. What is she called?

3. "Teds" is cockney rhyming slang for which part of the body?

4. In 1971 John Pasche designed a logo for a rock band that in 2008 was voted the greatest band logo of all time. Which logo and which band?

5. In 1827, who did William Corder murder at Polestead in Suffolk?

6. Alexander the Great (right) was said to have slept with which book under his pillow?

7. Which MP was on the receiving end of David Cameron's "Calm down, dear"?

8. Huygens, Bradley, Hadley and Agnes are among the mountains that can be found where?

9. The movement that saw the flowering of work by black writers in 1920s and 30s New York was known as what?

10. His first wife was Patricia Booker. His second wife was Anna Torv, and his divorce from her in 1999 is often cited as the most expensive divorce settlement in history. Who is his third wife?