The Saturday quiz

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1. Which country (in West Africa) is the only one outside America to have a capital city named after a US president?

2. Which 1980 film – tagged "a masterpiece of modern horror" – is set almost entirely in the Overlook Hotel?

3. Compassion, moderation and humility are the so-called Three Treasures of which eastern philosophy?

4. Which comedian's father commanded HMS Coventry when it was sunk during the Falklands War?

5. Sybil Williams (right), Susan Hunt and Sally Hay were three of the four women this actor (1925-1984) was married to. Who was the other one?

6. Which leading British figure's 1997 autobiography is entitled Losing My Virginity?

7. The first was The Frog King, the last The Hazel Branch. There were some 200 in between. What?

8. Asked if there was anyone he regretted never having interviewed, Michael Parkinson named which 20th-century American singer and entertainer?

9. Which newspaper has the largest circulation in the United States?

10. Two countries have each hosted seven European Cup finals. Which countries?