The Saturday quiz

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1. Lindsay, Amadeus, Takacs, Brodsky. What?

2. Which prison used to be adjacent to the Old Bailey?

3. In 1946 the French critic Nino Frank came up with the term that defines what genre of movie?

4. The world's tallest triumphal arch, modelled on Paris's Arc de Triomphe and built in 1982, stands in which Far Eastern capital city?

5. Who was an MP from 1950 to 2001, first for Bristol South East and later for Chesterfield?

6. The town in which Barbara Hepworth (right) was born recently opened a sculpture gallery named after her. Which town?

7. How many times a day does the BBC broadcast the Shipping Forecast?

8. The Lancaster House Agreement created independence for which country?

9. Which foodstuff takes its name from the French for the cooking pot depicted on its label?

10. The Sea Islands, of which there are more than a hundred, are located off the coastline of which three US states?