The Saturday quiz

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1. Of the nine vice-presidents who have succeeded to the US presidency, what is unique about Gerald Ford's succession to Richard Nixon in 1973?

2. The first Slut Walk took place in which city?

3. Which Bond actor's autobiography is called My Word is My Bond?

4. "Project Volvo" was intended to remove who from power?

5. On 2 November 1982 the voice of Paul Coia said welcome to what?

6. Howard Sounes, Robert Shelton and Anthony Scaduto are among those who have written a biography of whom?

7. Fremont Street is the second most famous street in this US city. Which is the most famous?

8. Love on the Dole; A Taste of Honey; East is East. Films all set where?

9. Traverse; Thrust; Raked. All types of what?

10. Which is the only cricket ground to have played host to more than 100 Test matches?