The Saturday quiz

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1. "I never knew the chick." Whose words, on being asked about whose death, in 1997?

2. Who was the composer of a piano work that premiered in New York in 1963 – some 40 years after his death – and took a series of players 18 hours to perform?

3. Angra do Heroismo is the oldest city, and the historical capital, on which set of islands?

4. Odoacer deposed the last what?

5. The Norman Shaw buildings in Westminster are most associated with which major institution?

6. In 1958, which play by Harold Pinter was put on in London for the first time at the Lyric Theatre, and closed after only eight performances?

7. What height does a Scottish mountain have to be to qualify as a Munro?

8. In Aristophanes' Lysistrata, women go on a sex strike to try to bring about an end to what?

9. Between 1997 and 2002 which company used the slogan 'Think Different' to promote its products?

10. Which writer, who died in 1990, was buried in Great Missenden along with his snooker cues, some burgundy, chocolates, HB Pencils, and a power saw?