The Saturday quiz

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1. The American Tod Browning directed which notorious 1930s movie?

2. Which 19th-century novelist said he never wanted a statue of himself put up?

3. A neon artwork comprising the words 'More Passion' was recently installed where?

4. The American Laura Riding was the writing partner of which 20th-century British poet and novelist?

5. The Fuller building in New York is better known as what?

6. One of John Everett Millais' most famous paintings depicts which scene from Shakespeare?

7. Ramlila Park is a prominent green space in which Asian capital city?

8. "I come from Des Moines. Somebody had to." The opening to whose 1989 breakthrough book?

9. Which 81-year-old American is known as the Sage of Omaha?

10. Vlad the Impaler was the model for the title character of which celebrated 19th-century novel?