The Saturday Quiz

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1. John F Kennedy, L Ron Hubbard, Janis Joplin and Edmund Hilary, among others. What's the connection?

2. Which composer took his name from the small hill-town near Rome where he was born?

3.Who revealed that she had a big crush on David Miliband?

4. Billy Pilgrim is the protagonist of which landmark 1969 novel?

5. Egypt, Lebanon and Syria all have what as their currency?

6. Stoke Gabriel in Devon is the site of what is reckoned to be the oldest what in England?

7. Complete this sporting sequence: Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Germany, and ... who?

8. Donald G Fisher, who died in September, and his wife Doris founded which clothing store?

9. He was a lawyer. She was a beauty queen. They married after an 11-day romance and were together for 35 years until his death in 1989. Which leading couple?

10. "Here lies ... riddle of his time. His birth was unknown, his death mysterious". Which victim of an 1833 stabbing is thus described on his headstone?