The Saturday quiz

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1. Which car's name is a Latin comparative adverb or adjective, so chosen because it means "ahead, in front of, leading"?

2. Which 2oth-century war is known by one of the countries that fought it as the 6-2-5 War because it began on 25 June?

3. Who were Chris, Chico, Harry Luck, Vin, Bernardo O'Reilly, Britt and Lee?

4. Who was Victor Verster Prison's most famous inmate?

5. In the mid-1980s, "Stop Dreaming. Start Collecting" was the slogan that launched what?

6. Whose army defeated the Romans at Asculum in 279BC?

7. In Evelyn Waugh's Scoop what form of words did the Foreign Editor use when addressing the paper's proprietor so as not to appear to be in open disagreement with him?

8. Which type of theatre derives from the theories of the French dramatist Antonin Artaud?

9. Oliver's Story, published in 1977, was the sequel to which bestseller?

10. The motto of the FBI comprises three words, beginning F, B and I. What are they?