The Saturday Quiz

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1. What was unusual about Adam Mars-Jones's inclusion on a 1983 Granta list of Best Young British Novelists?

2. Two major cities in the British Isles have a River Lee running through them. Which cities?

3. Nasa ran three human spaceflight programmes – the third of which was the Apollo programme. What were the first two called?

4. Stanley Baldwin in 1923 was the last person to combine the role of Prime Minister with which other major public office?

5. The first one appeared in Oklahoma City in 1935. It was followed by millions more in cities all over the world. What?

6. Look Back in Hunger was the title of which TV personality's 2009 autobiography?

7. The highest number of Oscars won by a film is 11. Two films share the record – one from the 1960 Awards, and one from the 1998 Awards. Which films?

8. What links Springer Mountain in Georgia with Mount Katahdin in Maine?

9. In 1981 Dick Beardsley and Inge Simonsen were the joint winners of what?

10. Elizabeth Fry, King Olav V of Norway, Princess Diana, Matthew Pinsent, Myleene Klass. What's the connection?