The Saturday quiz

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1. What news was delivered to the Treetops Hotel in Kenya on 6 February 1952?

2. How did Phytophthora infestans leave its mark on northern Europe in the 1840s?

3. Who is to become the first poet since Sir John Betjeman in 1984 to be honoured with a memorial in London's Westminster Abbey?

4. La Monnaie ("the mint") is the main opera house in which European city?

5. The Drones Club features in a series of 20th-century stories. By which author?

6. The Chihuahuan, the Sonoran and the Gibson. All what?

7. Admiral Pierre Villeneuve was captured and brought to England after which battle?

8. What took place in the refectory at Leeds University on 14 February 1970?

9. Bad Blake and Leigh Anne Tuohy. What's the film connection?

10. What do Cathy Cluxton and Fenella Fudge both do?