The Saturday quiz

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1. What common domestic fixture is named after the Italian for pomegranate flower?

2. The Septuagint, the Targum and the Peshitta are all early versions of what?

3. Which political movement began in Nottingham in 1811, spread quickly across England, but was largely over two years later?

4. Record producer and fashion designer Sean Combs has a performing career in which he goes by what name?

5. On 13 August 1876, Kaiser Wilhelm, Don Pedro II of Brazil and Friedrich Nietzsche were among those present at the first what?

6. Lake Titicaca lies on the border between which two countries?

7. What word is used to describe the thinness or thickness of a fluid?

8. How did a 1951 home run hit by the New York Giants' Bobby Thomson come to be known?

9. A world speed record was set recently at Pendine Sands in Wales of 87.833mph. What type of vehicle?

10. The Invisible College was the 17th-century precursor to which organisation?