The Saturday quiz

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1. According to the slogan, which brand of food is preferred by eight out of 10 cats?

2. Which dog breed's name means "fast" in old Russian?

3. What was first held at the Royal Agricultural Hall in London's Islington in 1891?

4. The pet was called Supersonic. Its owner was called Lea La Salle. Supersonic's death made front-page news in 1986. How?

5. What did Patti Page (below) ask in 1952?

6. He's a Portuguese water dog called Bo. Where does he live?

7. "Being the History of His Peculiar Life at Home and Astonishing Adventures in Foreign Parts Never Before Printed" is the subsidiary title to what book?

8. Leopard, Hermann's and Red-Footed are all species of what?

9. What breed of dog was Lassie, the intrepid canine TV hero from the Fifties?

10. According to the title of a 1969 British film, what pet was owned by a character called Billy Casper?