The Saturday quiz


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1. Julie London; Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn; Quentin Tarantino; Garrison Keillor. What's the connection?

2. With a film version that came out in France in 1900, which Shakespeare play is reckoned to be the first adapted for the screen?

3. The original Comedy Store club was founded in 1972 in which US city?

4. What type of dish comes from a word meaning 'a lid' – a reference to when the food was used to cover the contents of a glass?

5. Who was elected MP for Huntingdon in 1628, and for Cambridge in 1640?

6. Tinglan Hong is the mother. Who is the father?

7. Google's HQ in California is called what?

8. Petrarch (1304-1374) is widely regarded as the father of which movement?

9. The word 'yomp' gained widespread currency after which war?

1o. Which Ben and Jerry's ice-cream flavour is named after the lead member of a cult 1960s band?