The Saturday Quiz: Weekly brain teaser

1. What good news was there for Jewish people in Pope Paul VI's 'Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions', part of the Second Vatican Council, in 1965?

The 2012 Independent Quiz Of The Year

Now in its 145th edition, Whitaker’s Almanack is the definitive source of facts, trivia and ephemera. So who better than its compilers to test your knowledge of the big events of 2012…

Happy birthday Edinburgh Festival!

It's 65 years since it began and this year's fun is about to get under way. So, try Matthew Bell's brilliant quiz on this cultural extravaganza (answers at bottom of page)

What the Dickens? Try our literary quiz

Know your Nickleby from your Nell? How many questions can you answer about one of English literature's greatest figures? Katy Guest, Emily Dugan and Matthew Bell set the challenge

The Big Summer Quiz

As the heat rises, can you keep a cool enough head to answer this seasonal quiz?

Wine quiz: Your chance to win James Bond's favourite fizz

Boxing Day means that it's time to stir the grey matter with a glass of something suitably refreshing and rise to the challenge of our 2009 Wine Trivia Quiz. Test your knowledge of the great and trifling wine events of the past year and you stand a chance of winning a magnificent six-bottle case of James Bond's champagne of choice, Bollinger Special Cuvée. We're also offering the runner-up a superb bottle of Hidalgo's rare Palo Cortado Viejo VORS (delivery to UK mainland addresses only), worth £65.

Christmas quiz: 2009

1. "I'm finally beginning to learn how to paint," said Gordon Brown in January. Who was he quoting?