The great Christmas Eve quiz answers


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1 Chekhov's Three Sisters.

2 Antigone.

3 The Jackson 5.

4 The World is Not Enough.

5 David and Frederick Barclay.


1 CS Lewis.

2 Jaws, Star Wars, ET.

3 The Bridge on the River Kwai.

4 Woody Allen.

5 Played young Abraham Lincoln (in Young Mr Lincoln) and young Winston Churchill (in Young Winston).


1 Graham Greene.

2 The Corrections and Freedom (by Jonathan Franzen).

3 Peter Stothard.

4 The longest novel ever written.

5 Dan Brown.


1 Babycham.

2 John Smith's.

3 Because of preferences expressed in the film Sideways.

4 Nicolas Sarkozy.

5 Beer Street.


1 The Incredible Journey (in the book by Sheila Burnford about two dogs and a cat travelling across Canada).

2 Sail through the Suez Canal.

3 They are the two ends of the Channel Tunnel.

4 Air Miles.

5 Roald Amundsen's to the South Pole.


1 Doctor Who.

2 The European Broadcasting Union.

3 EastEnders.

4 Oxford.

5 The Naked Chef.


1 Stiff Records.

2 Ralph Vaughan Williams.

3 Bagpipes.

4 Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

5 Radiohead.

Stocking fillers

1 Haunted.

2 White: White's; the Beatles' White Album; "White Christmas".

3 Dick Whittington and his Cat.

4 Card games.

5 The first Alternative Christmas Message on Channel 4.