The Saturday Quiz


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1. According to the title of this landmark 1942 French novel, who is Meursault?

2. Charlie Williams is credited as the first man to achieve this unusual sporting feat, in 1900; recently, Tim Howard did it. What?

3. What sign is on Ukip's logo?

4. What do Lady Macbeth and Donald Duck (right) have in common?

5. The so-called 13 colonies that declared their independence in the American Revolution were British, Dutch and which other European nationality?

6. Brighton, Bournemouth and Devon. What – transportationally speaking – is the connection?

7. In 1787, what term was coined by Edmund Burke in referring to an unofficial force in society?

8. Which writer (1892-1973) is commemorated with plaques at four locations where he lived in Birmingham and one in Oxford?

9. Tenochtitlan was the capital of which empire?

10. Which publication was founded by Cambridge University students in 1889 and named after the ancient name for the River Cam?