The Saturday Quiz


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1. Which actress made her film debut in Julia (1977)?

2. Born in 1966, he played for Auxerre, Martigues, Marseille, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Nimes and which two English clubs?

3. The BBC TV drama Cathy Come Home inspired the setting up of which charity?

4. Yoknapatawpha County was a fictional county that appeared in the works of which leading American writer (1897-1962)?

5. The Brynmor Jones Library is the main library at which university?

6. Rarotonga is the most populous of which group of Pacific islands?

7. Which British band – their debut album released in 1993, their latest in 2011 – appeared on both David Cameron's and Nick Clegg's Desert Island Discs choices?

8. The first in the UK was installed in Enfield in 1967; the first person to use it was the actor Reg Varney. There are now about 65,000. What?

9. Was the old East Germany less than half as big as the old West Germany or more than half as big?

10. The deaths of Pompey the Great, Shakespeare and Ingrid Bergman. What's the connection?

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