The Saturday Quiz


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1. The first company to sponsor the FA Cup (in 1994) was also the second company to sponsor the League Cup (in 1986). Which company?

2. The Archipelago Sea is a sea within which major European sea?

3. René Goscinny (1926-1977) and Albert Uderzo (born 1927) created which comic-strip character?

4. The title of this landmark 1930 German film was the name of the nightclub where one of the leading characters performed. Which film?

5. What word describes a small, most-often dome-like, structure on top of a building?

6. The Naked Civil Servant; Inglourious Basterds; Mister Magnolia. What's the connection?

7. According to recent figures, which country is the biggest buyer of Rolls-Royce cars?

8. The largest public building built in the UK in the 20th century was designed by Colin St John Wilson and opened in 1997. Which building?

9. The son of Findlaech, he was King of Scotland from 1040-1057. Who?

10. Ransom (1985) was this US author's second novel, following on from his hugely successful debut the previous year. Which was?