The Saturday Quiz


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1. Which high-street chain has a logo based on a 16th-century Norse woodcut?

2. On the night of the 1964 general election which sitcom did Labour persuade the BBC to re-schedule because it feared it might stop people coming out and voting for the party?

3. Giselle is the middle name of which US singer (born 1981)?

4. Invicta – the white horse rampant – is the symbol of which English county?

5. "The Lady in Red"; Oscar-winning star of The Heiress (1949); Leicester university; the Suez Canal. What's the connection?

6. Which major UK sports stadium is nicknamed the Cabbage Patch?

7. The first ever was at Walter Reed General Hospital, Washington DC, in 1919. The first in the UK was at York General Hospital in 1925. What?

8. Which Emirate is ruled by the al-Maktoum dynasty?

9. His first film: The Man From Hell's River in 1922. His last:The Lightning Warrior in 1931. Which performer?

10. In the 9th and 10th centuries there were six successive kings of Wessex whose names all began with the same letter. Which was?