The Saturday Quiz


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1. A conscientious objector, which leading British artist spent his National Service years (1957-59) working as a medical orderly?

2. Which was the first ship to have a swimming pool?

3. Which British actress (born 1965) referred to those outside her profession as 'civilians'?

4. What place in recent American history does the Emma E Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida have?

5. On the advice of his manager, which rock musician (born 1943) dropped a letter off the end of his surname, only to reinstate it later?

6. Which classic of English literature, published in 1889, charts a trip between Kingston and Oxford?

7. In 1997, what became the first major daily newspaper to implement a paywall?

8. Nick Leeson brought down which bank?

9. Which leading composer (1865-1957) wrote seven symphonies and many other works but produced no large-scale music during the last 30 years of his life?

10. The tallest statue of Christ in the world, unveiled in 2010, is in which European country?