The Saturday Quiz


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1. The most populous country in the world where French is the official language is not France. Which country is it?

2. Vocal group The Jordanaires were best known for backing which singer?

3. Which world record was set earlier this year by Laura Dekker?

4. Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry founded which charity?

5. Who took up residency last year in Ellingham Hall, Suffolk?

6. Which of this year's Olympic venues has been designed by Zaha Hadid (right)?

7. Born in Philadelphia in 1929, she went on to have titles that included Duchess of Valentinois, Marchioness of Baux, Countess of Carlades, and Baroness of Saint-Lô. She was better known as?

8. Which is the lake in Anita Brookner's Hotel du Lac?

9. The Alard, the Lipinski and the Messiah are all what type of musical instrument?

10. Europe's southernmost glaciers are in which country?