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1. "O, to be in England/ Now that April's there" are the opening lines of which poem?

2. Immortalised in song by R Dean Taylor, and sharing borders with Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois, which US state is nicknamed the 'Crossroads of America'?

3. Which comic writer (1935-2005) created the character Henry Root?

4. The lake in "The Lady of the Lake" was supposedly located on which English moor?

5. First published under the title The Annex: Diary Notes from 14 June 1942 – 1 August 1944, this book is better known as what?

6. Who was the first vice-president of the United States?

7. Which politician's novels include Career Girls (1995), Tall Poppies (1997), and Destiny (2011)?

8. In 1993 what dubious distinction was shared by Nottingham Forest, Crystal Palace and Middlesbrough?

9. Which Celtic tribe, occupying much of present-day Switzerland, fought wars against the Romans?

10. In 1963, at a ball in Baltimore, William Zantzinger (right) caused whose death?

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